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What We Do

We operate primarily as Corporate Advisory Consultants specializing in events and event related project design, planning and coordinating.
Our projects range from conferences, AGMs, brand/ product launch, exhibitions, trainings, corporate and private receptions, fundraisers, retirement parties, team building events, private destination events, etc.

Our Promise

We take care of our client’s needs by developing creative ideas to show case brand identity. Our core team work with a robust network and professionally selected vendors and service experts. We interface with guests, customers, media personnel and partners to ensure we consistently deliver top quality events that surpass our client’s expectations

Our  Offerings 

Our current service offerings include but not limited to:

Event Advisory Idea Conceptualization

  • Recommendations for project execution based on PTTA (Purpose, Theme, Target Audience)
  • Advice on budget development
  • SWOT Analysis: Venue Selection

Event Execution


  • Idea conceptualization
  • Development of event flow/Agenda
  • Vendor selection and negotiations
  • Event Budgeting
  • Provide personnel for project execution to work with the client’s team.

Portfolio Management

businesswomen presentation result of business and discussion at meeting of corporate showing the results of their successful teamwork.

  • Event design conceptualization (event flow, layout design, visual theme, publicity and brand visibility materials)
  • Guest communication management
  • Vendor Management
  • On site media personnel management
  • Coordination of event flow
  • Setting and execution of project timelines
  • Timeline /Calendar Management

Sourcing & Procurement Services

  • Corporate gifts
  • Promotional and Operational items
  • Vendor sourcing, negotiations and management
  • Vendor Referrals

Detailed Deliverables

  • Support with press and media plan
  • Confirm Food and Drinks menu
  • Submit Final Budget
  • Firm-up Event Flow (Agenda)
  • Finalize Event Concept: Look & Feel
  • Assist in developing guest list of invited guests
  • Meet with Photographer and Videographer
  • Finalize all materials (Invitation cards & Brochures)
  • Confirm delivery of all invites (clients, customers, consultants & service Vendors) have been delivered
  • Follow up with guests (RSVP) to confirm attendance
  • Media & Publicity Meeting: Pre and Post Strategy
  • Commence attendance for VIPs (Email / Telephone)
  • Conclude on style of Branding (Screens, Models, Banner)
  • Ensure all presentations materials and equipment are good to go

  • Sound check by Engineer and planner
  • Conclude on concept for Collation of data (Guest List, Business cards and Exclusive cards)
  • Disbursement of funds to vendors
  • Meet with Ushers, Coordinators, Event Manger for training
  • Discuss plan for Q&A session (optional)
  • Meet with PR/Brand Manager to confirm that visibility is consistent on the day
  • Send out Reminders to all invited guests
  • Assist in preparing gift packs for VIP guests
  • Conclude Seating Plan
  • Event venue selection
  • Safety and security assessment report
  • Post Event Review
  • Prep Master of ceremony on Event Flow

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